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A song ties them together but fate keeps them apart

Names are Hallen Vakrodas, Marshall Vakrodas, Persephone Vakrodas, Derek Vakrodas, Blade, Kasia Wonder, Wyatt Matthews, Bandit Matthews, Jackson Acerbus, Peter/Petra Acerbus, Claire Erebus, Bonnie Akeldama, Anne Akeldama, Charlotte Conall, and Damian Conall. Get to know us!

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((Independent, multiverse RP blog. Tracks the tag thedevilboy. SPECIFY THE CHARACTER YOU'D LIKE TO RP WITH. Trigger warning. Also there will be NSFW and not all will be under Read More tags.))

Icon: Hallen.  Sidebar: Peter.


The Sweetheart, the Vampire, the Ghost, the Painter, the Asshole, the Hiding Girl, the Angel, the Fallen, the Merman, the Shapeshifter, the Sorceress, the Schizophrenic, the Elf, the Lycan, and the Sex Slave
All unlikely heros

Hallen yawned as he texted someone, not knowing who, “Hey.  What’s up? -Hal”  He closed his phone hoping someone would respond.

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