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A song ties them together but fate keeps them apart

Names are Hallen Vakrodas, Marshall Vakrodas, Persephone Vakrodas, Derek Vakrodas, Blade, Kasia Wonder, Wyatt Matthews, Bandit Matthews, Claire Erebus, Bonnie Akeldama, Anne Akeldama, Charlotte Conall, and Damian Conall. Get to know us!

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The Sweetheart, the Vampire, the Ghost, the Painter, the Asshole, the Hiding Girl, the Angel, the Sorceress, the Schizophrenic, the Elf, the Lycan, and the Sex Slave
All unlikely heros
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8. A day trip to the beach

                                                        Oliver smiled softly at the girl next to him, wrapping an arm around her gently. “You’ll love this. It’s beautiful there.” He mumbled, kissing her hair.

Oliver led her through the airport carefully,
avoiding the annoying business men and
screaming infants. When they finally
were outside, he pulled her closer and
began to search for a taxi. 

Bonnie let out a sigh of relief after they were out of the airport.  Way too stuffy in there.  Seeing Oliver look for a taxi she did what she had to when she was younger to get a taxi.  Standing on the sidewalk she lifted her skirt up a little and there was a bright yellow airport taxi waiting for her and Oliver to get in.

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Jessie held onto the bike for
dear life, getting a few laughs from
strangers from his wide eyes and 
slack jaw. It wasn’t his fault. He was
concentrating on not dying.

Anne waved to some of the people they passed, having a good amount of friends in the town since she had lived there for a very long time.  Still shouldn’t tell Jessie about her being an elf.  Her exposed pointed ears didn’t help but she didn’t mind saying it was just a genetic thing.  ”Calm down Jessie we’re fine,” she giggled as she felt the bike wobble again.

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Caroline smiled softly “No I was just going to stand on the porch all night” She teased before opening up the front door, gesturing for him to come in.

Hallen rolled his eyes as he laughed, “You can if you want to be eaten alive by all these mosquitoes.”  He walked in and took off his shoes so he wouldn’t get her home dirty.  ”Nice place,” he said as he took a glance around.

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She looked over at him and smiled. The little shop was just in front of them by now, so Lys held the door open for him. “After you, good sir.” She joked.

Marshall chuckled as he bowed, “Why thank you my lady.”  He walked into the shop and smiled brightly.  Looking over the menu he asked, “What would you like, I’ll pay.”

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"Are you serious?We just met though?how do you know you can trust me?"the girl tilted her head as she asked."Are you a vampire or any halloween creature?"

Hallen smiled as he said, “Well, if you try anything I could probably take you out and I’m fairly confident that you won’t do anything.  Also you haven’t lied to me about anything yet.”  Shaking his head as he scratched the back of his head he said, “I’m a strange one.  I’d rather not reveal.”  Not many have heard of demonic beings.  A fairy that died and was then revived seconds later, having a demon living inside them.

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The short laugh he forced out made Blair
regret offering anything. She knew she 
shouldn’t have been talking to him. He wasn’t
bad. He just was out of her league is all. And
Blair knew he knew it. He was handsome
and talented while she was ugly and crazy.

Blair looked at her hands as he spoke to her,
knowing that she should probably just leave.
"I just…thought you might need a friend is all."
She admitted.


Damian looked at the girl in front of him and realized something, she had no friends.  No one was sitting with her.  Everyone was with their friends while she sat alone.  If he did make a friendship with her he wouldn’t have to worry about anyone else getting in since she didn’t have anyone else.  Maybe this one time, but never again, he thought to himself as he narrowed his eyes at her.

"What time after school.  I have to see someone right after school but maybe I could study an hour after school," he stated.  Charlotte was going to see him today since they had been apart for such a long time and he missed her.  If he saw her today, he knew he’d be in a better mood to talk to Blair.

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Oliver grinned at her. She’s adorable. 
He thought, reaching over and holding
her hand in his. “I was thinking we could
go to a park or something.” He offered.

Smiling and blushing she nodded her head, “That sounds nice.”  Taking his hand she kissed him again and all she could feel was him and the butterflies in her stomach.  Nothing else mattered.  Pulling away she jumped out of the tree, grinning up at him with the brightest cheeks.

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Blair grinned widely at him, unable to stop
herself. That was the thing with Damian, he
was one of the only people she’d ever
met that never made her frown. He was like
a giant ball of happiness. It was quite lovely,
especially for someone like Blair.

"Yeah, I would love to meet you. I hope 
I can get a job soon and start saving.” 
Blair told him with a small grin. “You should
bring your violin! It’ll be great to see you play!”


Damian smiled as he said, “You know I’m always happy to play my violin here.”  Licking his lips his hands twitched lightly as his eyes looked to the plane tickets on his nightstand.

"I won’t be able to skype for a couple days actually," he said, sounding somewhat somber.  He grabbed the joint plane ticket in his hands and held them in the view of the camera, "I’m going somewhere to meet a very special girl."  The grin on his face couldn’t get bigger as he looked for Blair’s reaction.

It took Damian a lot of persuading for his parents to let him go.  But he had been better since he met Blair.  He had been less ruthless and more loving towards his parents.  So they were happy to go let them see Blair.

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